The words “may…


The words “may” and “might” can be pretty confusing. When should you use one vs. the other? Consider a sentence like “We may go to the game, depending on the weather,” which is hard to place as either more or less correct than the sentence “We might go to the game, depending on the weather.” Garner tells us that the words “occupy different places on a continuum of possibility,” with “may” expressing likelihood and “might” expressing “a stronger sense of doubt.”


So our word choice in the sentence pair above actually depends on the weather! If the weather has been gray but seems to be clearing up with a good chance of making for a good game night, then you “may” go to the game. If dark clouds are rolling in, then you “might” go.


When using one of these conditional words with a negating sentence, it’s generally going to be best to go with “might” because “may not” can be confused with “cannot,” which has a slightly different meaning.


Understanding that the two words exist along a continuum of possibility makes the little nursery rhyme a bit more poignant, for the speaker seems at first in less doubt and then in more as to the likelihood of her wish’s being granted, lending to that third line a growing sense of doubt, pathos, and urgency.



I used to be very shy about my writing and never allowed anyone to read what I’d written. Subconsciously, by not letting anyone see my work, I felt that there was no way I could hear that it was “bad.” However, after a while, my writing was stuck in a rut and I couldn’t get anywhere with my creative work. Finally summoning up the courage, I sent one of my poems to a writing friend of mine to ask his opinion. He didn’t like it that much, offering some suggestions of what he thought was missing. And that was fantastic! At that point, I recognized his criticisms as sincere suggestions and I thought about them in depth, but I didn’t feel like I’d suddenly lost all skill as a writer. To the contrary, I had fuel for how to improve my work.

Finding someone to give you good feedback is crucial to improving your writing, but it’s also important to find someone who will give you genuine and honest feedback. As nice as it may feel, asking a friend who’s afraid to hurt your feelings and will only say good things about your work won’t help you to improve, to grow through any challenges you may be coming across as a writer. Good feedback sees both where you are right now and beyond to your potential.

What does good feedback entail? It recognizes the positive, acknowledges your weak spots, and offers suggestions for improvement. Above all, honesty is key. When looking for the right person to give you feedback on your work, it may not be your best friend, your spouse, or your siblings. Instead, it should be a fellow writer you admire, a friend who never holds back his or her true feelings, or even a teacher. The goal of feedback isn’t to get validation that you’re a good writer (you are!), but to push your to improvement


When two or three men are battered by their wives all men are crying for help when so many women out there have been battered by men for years and have persevered …….. Hey men learn to be tolerant as you expect women to be.

Hey guys do you think the government is being fair to Ms. Baraza! suspending her for merely pinching a guards nose when those who have committed gross mistakes like Kenyatta and Muthaura are left go scott free!

Hey guys do you think the government is being fair to Ms. Baraza! suspending her for merely pinching a guards nose when those who have committed gross mistakes like Kenyatta and Muthaura are left go scott free!.

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